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Please enter some basic information about you in the spaces provided at the right. This information is required to calculate your various profile indices.
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There are many ways to measure body composition - the approximation of the percentage of fat versus lean muscle mass, bone, blood, etc. We use a circumference based method.
Measurements: Measure the circumference at your waist, neck, and hips (for women) or at the level of the navel (for men). Enter these measurements on the right in inches.
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 Daily Activity Level
What is your average daily activity level and lifestyle?
 Exercise Goals
Achieving your body composition goals requires both proper diet and exercise. On average, how much time per week do you plan on exercising and being active?
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 Eating Habits
1. How many times a day do you eat (including meals and snacks)?

2. Which meal is your largest of the day?

3. How many days a week do you skip breakfast?
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